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The MAFE Contextual Database (MAFE CDB) is based on existing and publicly available contextual data which include 85 indicators covering domains relevant for research on migration, such as: demography, economics, employment and unemployment, education and political context.

It was developed on the framework of the collaborative research project Migrations between Africa and Europe Project (MAFE) started in 2005 which collects and analyzes data on migration between Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.
It generated comparative and longitudinal surveys for 3 African (Congo,Ghana and Senegal) and 6 European countries (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain) from 2008 through 2011.

The MAFE CDB can be accessed through Ined's Nesstar webview tool.

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Mezger, C., & Gonzalez-Ferrer, A. (2013). “The ImPol Database: A new tool to measure immigration policies in France, Italy and Spain since the 1960s.” Paris, INED, MAFE Working Paper, 34.

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