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An Act to make provision about immigration, asylum and nationality; and for connected purposes




United Kingdom




Naturalisation & Citizenship

Main implications

The act made new provisions regarding acquisition of and securing British citizenship The application for registration as a citizen of any type or as a British subject on the basis of any legal basis mentioned would only be granted by the Secretary of State if the applicant was of “good character”. This rule applied to all applicants seeking British citizenship who were age ten or older.

Benefits & Requirements

Coverage: Eligible groups or beneficiaries

Persons seeking to become British citizens of any description.

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2006, c. 13

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2006, c. 13

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Comments & Clarifications

The Act built, in large part, on the Home Office’s five-year strategy for asylum and immigration, “Controlling our borders: Making migration work for Britain,” published February 2005.

Secondary Literature & Sources

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London School of Economics

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