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Decree on the education cycles in primary and lower secondary schools








Compulsory Schooling

Main implications

Schooling from kindergarten to the end of college is organised in four successive learning cycles: The first cycle, called the initial learning cycle, consists of three levels of kindergarten: the small section, middle section, and large section; the second cycle, called the basic learning cycle, consists of the first three years of primary school, referred to as: preparatory class, elementary class first year, and elementary class second year; the third cycle, called the consolidation cycle, corresponds to two years of elementary school after the basic learning cycle and to the first year of college, and are called: the intermediate class first year, intermediate class second year, and sixth class; the fourth cycle, the deep learning cycle, corresponds to the last three years of college: the fifth, fourth, and third classes.

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Primary and lower secondary schools

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Decree No. 2013-682 of 24 July 2013 on the education cycles in primary and lower secondary schools, Official Journal of the French Republic no. 174 of 28th July, 2013 p. 12655

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Décret n° 2013-682 du 24 juillet 2013 relatif aux cycles d'enseignement à l'école primaire et au collège, Journal Officiel de la République Française n°174 du 28 juillet 2013 p. 12655

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