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Employment Contracts Act






Family & Children


Leave Schemes for Parents

Main implications

The right to three-year childcare leave is maintained until the present.

Benefits & Requirements

Coverage: Eligible groups or beneficiaries

70 days of adoption leave are granted per child for parents adopting a child. Adoptive parents are eligible for parental leave for a child under three years and qualify for parental benefit and childcare benefit.

Target group


Who is entitled to opt for parental leave according to this document?

Either the mother or the father may go on parental leave. The actual caregiver of a child is eligible for parental leave if parents do not use leave themselves.

Months of parental leave guaranteed by the State, stipulated by this document

Parental leave lasts until child reaches three years of age

Calculation of financial support

The amount of the benefit depends on the parent’s income in the previous calendar year that is calculated on the basis of the social taxes paid in Estonia.

Months of parental leave secured by State without receiving financial support

Parental leave lasts until child reaches three years of age

Flexibility to use leave entitlements (e.g. part-time option, simultaneous or separated use by parents)

Parental leave may be used in one part or in several parts at any time until child is three years of age.

Does this document guarantee job security after parental leave?


Does this document contain specific entitlements for parental leave after adoption?


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Original full text source in native language

Riigi Teataja (State Gazette) RT I 2009, 5, 35

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Original full text web source in native language


Secondary Literature & Sources

Secondary literature

Nacsa Mónika: Az 1911. évi I. törvénycikk jogtudományi fogadtatásának részleteiről (On the details of the jurisprudential reception of the Act I of 1911) in: Glossa Iuridica 2012 III./ 1. pp. 82-85. http://www.glossaiuridica.hu/gi1201/civ/gi1201_civ_nacsa.pdf


Asta Põldma
Estonian Institute for Population Studies, Tallinn University

Data collected in the framework of the Population Europe Research Finder and Archive (PERFAR)

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