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Five Year Strategy for Children and Learners (July 2004)




United Kingdom




Compulsory Schooling

Main implications

The strategy paper set out the government's plan of action on education for the 2004-09 period. It represented a major movement towards the privatisation of the British school system. Among the proposed changes were:

- allowing all schools to become specialist schools and expanding the academies programme;

- school funding directly from the government, not from local educational authorities;

- all schools encouraged to become foundation schools, owning their own land and buildings, employing their own staff, and determining membership to their governing bodies;

- giving head teachers the power to set the budget and pay and to select pupils;

- allowing successful schools and grammar schools to expand the number of places offered;

- encouraging partnerships with parents and private and voluntary organisations.

Benefits & Requirements

Coverage: Eligible groups or beneficiaries

All schools

Criteria for coverage

all schools.

Age range

5 - 16

Duration (numbers of years of compulsory education stipulated by this document)


ISCED levels included in compulsory education

not mentioned

Dedication (number of hours per week stipulated by this document)

not mentioned

Is educational tracking implemented or modified by this document?


Education and training required for a compulsory school teacher stipulated by this document

Not mentioned

Is the compulsory education of children of undocumented migrants granted by this document?

Not mentioned

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HM Government, Department for Education and Skills (2004) "Five Year Strategy for Children and Learners", presented to Parliament in July 2004.

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HM Government, Department for Education and Skills (2004) "Five Year Strategy for Children and Learners", presented to Parliament in July 2004.

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Comments & Clarifications

The 'Five Year Strategy' represents a strategy document, not a law. Strategy documents set out the action that the government plans to take within a specified time period with regard to a certain policy area.

Secondary Literature & Sources

Secondary literature

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Ernestina Coast, Ginevra Floridi & Wendy Sigle
London School of Economics and Political Science

Data collected in the framework of the Population Europe Research Finder and Archive (PERFAR)

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