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Law on State Social Allowances








Long-term care

Main implications

This law replaces the earlier Cabinet of Ministers regulations systematising state allowances. It states that persons with serious functional disabilities and who require care are entitled to a disability benefit.

Benefits & Requirements

Coverage: Requirements for its application

Residence in Latvia for at least 60 months.

Coverage: Eligible groups or beneficiaries

Among other groups, persons with a disability and retired persons.

Criteria for coverage

Having a serious functional disability.

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Original full text source in native language

"Latvijas Vēstnesis", 168 (2743), 19.11.2002."Ziņotājs", 23, 12.12.2002.

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Original full text web source in native language


Secondary Literature & Sources

Secondary literature

An information sheet on the state social security old age allowance is available at http://www.vsaa.lv/en/services/seniors/state-social-security-old-age-allowance

Links to databases and sources for the analysis or evaluation of this policy field

Number of pension, state social benefit, and allowance recipients, pension and benefit amounts. Central Statistical Bureau, 2015. Available at http://www.csb.gov.lv/en/statistikas-temas/metodologija/number-pension-state-benefit-allowance-recipients-pension-37073.html


Aivita Putnina
University of Latvia

Data collected in the framework of the Population Europe Research Finder and Archive (PERFAR)

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