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Procedures for Organising and Financing Healthcare








Long-term care

Main implications

The procedures introduce home medical care provisions and defines its providers.

Benefits & Requirements

Coverage: Requirements for its application

All Latvian residents in need of home care, among other healthcare recipients.

Coverage: Eligible groups or beneficiaries

All Latvian residents in need of home care, among other healthcare recipients.

Criteria for coverage

An evaluation conducted by a general practitioner or specialist physician.

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Original full text source in native language

"Latvijas Vēstnesis", 253 (5059), 30.12.2013.

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Comments & Clarifications

The home medical care provisions are stated. Registered nurses or physician assistants provide home care. The service is registered and supervised by the National Health Service.

Secondary Literature & Sources

Secondary literature

Latvian Ministry of Health. "Veselības aprūpes pakalpojumu sniedzēju izvietojuma plāns līdz 2018.gadam- diskusiju dokuments" (The plan for healthcare provider placement until 2018 - discussion paper). Available at: http://www.vm.gov.lv/images/userfiles/phoebe/ministrija_sabiedribas_lidzdaliba_ab75e1a6c38b637dc22573d800293aaa/dk_ievads_101212.pdf

Links to databases and sources for the analysis or evaluation of this policy field

Mitenbergs, U. et al. 2012. Latvia Health system review. European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. Available at http://www.euro.who.int/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/186072/e96822.pdf


Aivita Putnina
University of Latvia

Data collected in the framework of the Population Europe Research Finder and Archive (PERFAR)

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