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Republic of Latvia Education Law








Compulsory Schooling

Main implications

This law was the first education law in Latvia after reestablishment of independence. It replaced the 1986 People's Education Law (LPSR Tautas Izglītības likums).

Benefits & Requirements

Coverage: Eligible groups or beneficiaries

All inhabitants of the Republic of Latvia

Criteria for coverage

All inhabitants of the Republic of Latvia, otherwise not specified

Age range

From 6 to 7 years, until the age of 15 or until the acquisition of basic education

Duration (numbers of years of compulsory education stipulated by this document)

9 years or until acquiring basic education

ISCED levels included in compulsory education

Level 1 (nine years of basic education)

Dedication (number of hours per week stipulated by this document)

Year 1 - 20 lessons (45 minutes), Year 2 - 22 lessons, Year 3-4 - 24, Year 5 - 30, Year 6 - 32, Year 7-9 - 34.

Is educational tracking implemented or modified by this document?


Education and training required for a compulsory school teacher stipulated by this document

This law does not stipulate required teacher education and training.

Is the compulsory education of children of undocumented migrants granted by this document?

Not specified

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Not available in English

Original full text source in native language

Republic of Latvia legislation online database: http://likumi.lv//ta/id/67960

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Comments & Clarifications

This law was in force between 1991 and 1999, and is now replaced by the Education Law (1998).

Secondary Literature & Sources

Links to databases and sources for the analysis or evaluation of this policy field

Statistical or analytical data for the period 1990-1999 (the early years after regaining independence) are very scarce and of low quality. The Ministry of Education and Science has some data and reports for the respective period, but they are not available electronically. Upon request it is possible to access the archives, however, even there the information may not be complete. The Central Statistical Office of Latvia (http://www.csb.gov.lv) has education statistics covering the respective period, but again only in paper form (apart from very general numbers).


Zane Cunska
Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

Data collected in the framework of the Population Europe Research Finder and Archive (PERFAR)

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